TYony's Driving School


Mock driving tests

These are given by me when you are getting close to test standard.  I play the role of an examiner in test conditions and only give directions. This highlights the strong and weak points in your driving, showing what we need mostly to concentrate on leading up to the test.  It also gives you an idea of what it feels like to drive as if on a real test.

Mock theory tests

At the end of every lesson I give you a pre printed sheet of questions in exactly the same format as the real theory test (the real one is taken using a touch screen computer)
50 multiple choice questions, requiring you to tick 1, 2, 3 or sometimes 4 answers. Some of these are photo questions and some are just written.
44 out of 50 is a pass. 
This is really good practice for the real test

The second part of the theory test is the “Hazard Perception Test”.  This is done on a computer so can’t really be practiced in the car. There are some excellent CD’s available to buy for home practice, I also have some which I lend to learners