TYony's Driving School



Have you been learning with parents/family and decided to have some professional lessons. We can tailor this to suit your needs. You will be picked up at a place convenient to you, eg. your home, college or work.  We will then go on to practice junctions, turning left and right. Emerging out of side roads onto
main roads, roundabouts, traffic light junctions, and pedestrian crossings.  All taken at a pace to suit the individual driver.
Of course other things to learn are the reversing manoeuvres

Turn in the road
Commonly called a 3point turn. Sometimes more than 3 goes are needed, so 5 is acceptable on a test, although it would be a minor fault.

Parallel parking
Pulling up along side a parked car and reversing behind it to finish beside the curb.  Not as most people think, into a gap between 2 parked cars as there will be no car behind the one you are reversing.

Reverse round a corner to the left (reversing into a junction)
Another version of turning around, always done on a very quiet road. Although there is a chance of other cars coming, that’s something we don't have control of.

Bay parking
On test this is always carried out in the test centre. There are purpose made bays in the centre at Workington. We do practice this in car parks also, as this is what you will do 'in real life'.

Emergency stop
As it says really, learning how to stop the car in an emergency in a safe and controlled way. You will also learn about ABS (anti brake skid) or Anti lock brakes as they are more commonly known and how to cope if your car does not have them fitted.